Time Sensitive Executives Achieve Your Dream Physique Even With A Busy Schedule

If You Are a Time Sensitive Executive Who Wants to Lose Fat & Build Muscle, without spending hours in the gym & with the correct guidance

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Many Time Sensitive Executives Currently Suffer From The Idea That They Need To Spend Hours Training

Or Even Worse, Work With a Personal Trainer Twice a Week to Achieve Their Dream Physique

This Leads To Frustration
or Wasting Money Without
Seeing Any Progress

As a Result, Most Give Up
Or Spend Endless Amounts Of
Money & Never Reach Their Goal

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way!

A Health & Lifestyle Plan Designed For Executives

Most busy executives who want to
Build Muscle & Lose Fat fail because they:

❌ Lack the guidance of a coach that
understands their unique needs

❌ Do not have a clear roadmap to
achieve their desired health goal

❌ Believe that they don't have the time to
execute health strategies in their busy day

Our Proven 12 Week Health &
Life Coaching Program Has Transformed
The Lives Of Countless Executives Like You

The Solution

Omnivana VIP Health & Life Coaching Program
Designed With Executives In Mind

πŸ”₯ Health & wellness assessment +
goal setting workshop
for actionable steps towards your health & other life goals

πŸ”₯ 1:1 designated exercise, life & nutrition coach ensure you stay accountable & receive cutting edge strategies to fast track your results

πŸ”₯ Personalised training & nutrition plan
Removes the guess work.
All You have to do is follow the plan

πŸ”₯ Mindset resources
Ensures you stay calm, focused,
productive & stress free

πŸ”₯ E - learning modules
That ensure that you get the education to empower your health

And Much Much More...!

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  • Workouts That Provide Results & Fit Into Your Schedule

  • Foods That Are Easy To Stick To Even With a Busy Schedule

  • Confidence & Self Awareness That Others Feel

  • Holly

    Head of Nutrition

    • Registered Dietitian
      (Bsc. Dietetics & Human Nutrition)
    • Accredited Health & Lifestyle Coach

    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • Specialised in Female Strength Training
  • Ashton

    Head Sports Performance Coach

    • NASM Accredited Sports Performance Coach
    • Accredited Health & Lifestyle Coach
    • Health Tech Entrepreneur
    • Hybrid Athlete with 15 years experience

Only 5 Spots Available In This Bespoke Program For Executives Who Are Motivated To Achieve Their Dream Physique

This is not a β€œquick fix”...but in 12 weeks you will be AMAZED by the results.

If you are a highly motivated individual, schedule your FREE consult now to see what you can achieve!

  • Jerome

    I have worked with personal trainers in the past, but did not receive the results that were promised, and after our sessions I was left guessing what to do for the rest of the week.

    I joined Omnivana VIP
    & with 3 months of unwavering support, education & personalisation to my needs, I finally achieved my goal and changed my life both physically & mentally!

  • Dominik

    My Schedule gets quite hectic, with constant travel and back to back meetings.

    I was really struggling to find a health program that adapted to my schedule and needs.

    Omnivana VIP was recommended to me by a friend, and since I started it has been the most transformational journey for my health.

    I truly enjoy the life coaching I get from the expert team at Omnivana. This makes all the difference.

  • Anna

    I was sceptical about seeing results from an online program, because I had never worked with a remote team before.

    The seamless experience provided in combination with coaches and the Omnivana App made my life so easy.

    I knew what I needed to complete everyday in order to achieve my health goals.

    Working on a plan together with my coach was a game changer.

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